In the friendliest country in the world, where tarsiers grin under coconut suns, and waves sparkle blue against the whitest of white sands, the luckiest man west of the Pacific discovered his luck the same day the Department of Health discovered 136 bags of HIV positive blood.
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The Republic of Love

He would have called her his Lolita if he was in school long enough to know who Lolita was, but he was not, and it was doubtful he would ever know, sitting on a narrow blanket inside the four-by-four-foot room in a warren crowded with many four-by-four-foot rooms of plywood and tin and karaoke shrieks, where he lived with his father and brothers and sisters and the small girl he called his wife. Roxanne was her name, Roxanne of the bare brown legs, the round hips in tight denim shorts, and the small lips that pursed when she said her name.
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Jose Melo’s nightmare

SOME call it a youth revolution, the impulse to stand up and be counted in the year before the 2010 elections. The “Register and Vote” campaign is not the first of its kind, there have been many others, but it is arguably one of the most star-studded. The campaign was launched with a rock-concert-rally on May 14 in the depressed urban area of Barangay Tatalon, Quezon City. Over 1,000 people attended the event, whose musical showcase had crooners Cooky Chua and Luke Mijares and bands Kamikaze and MYMP romancing the half-barefoot residents of clapboard and tin homes in the village where Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan first won as councilor at the age of 23.
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