The falling sky

My father is standing outside our garage again. The bags have been packed, the cables unplugged, the grandchildren dressed and waiting to be plucked from their beds. The waters are at the gates.

The windows are frosted; the sky is going gray in the morning. There is three feet of water along Magallanes and Gilmore, Bangkal’s creek has overflowed. At 8 a.m., National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council head Benito Ramos reports that “so far, we have had no reported casualties.”

It is July 21, 2012, the date that will mark the graves of the two who have already died in the wake of a tropical depression’s short visit. The first is Jonathan Sagodaquiel, 31, a man who, Ramos claims, was drunk while he was crossing the Lumban River. He drowned in Wawa Village, Laguna, “swept by the strong current.” His body has been recovered. The second is a 35-year-old from San Isidro village in Naguilian in La Union. His name is Wilcor Rellera, and he drowned in the Pandanga Creek.
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It is May in Manila, when small girls run naked in the Ermita alleys, and a man named Tisoy was found dead from the heat at the corner of Doroteo Jose and Don Tomas Mapua streets in Sta. Cruz. There is no rain, or promise of rain, only sweat staining the gray cushions of hundreds of office chairs. It is a month of sudden haircuts and whiplash breakups, of clapboard houses bursting into flames, of farmers selling off heifers at half-price, of sudden declarations of eternal love and frustrated husbands strangling weeping wives over the direction of a dirty electric fan.
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