Castro the crusader

Fr. Melvin Castro, executive secretary of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines Episcopal Commission on Family and Life, is very pleased with his successful crusade against the evil threat Ronald McDonald. In a statement to the media, Castro says he is glad McDonald’s has seen the error of its ways. And then he rubs it in.

“I do hope it doesn’t reach this point again. It would have been better if they had been sensitive to our culture, and respectful of our faith.”
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The death toll is at 7,197; the missing has risen past 10,000. Almost half-a-million Japanese are homeless, millions without power and water. The earth’s axis has shifted by 6.5 inches. The day is less 1.6 microseconds. The country’s nuclear and industrial safety agency raised nuclear severity from Level 4 to 5, increasing the likelihood of deaths from radiation and a release of radioactive material. A nuclear facility’s managing director has publicly broken down in tears. The Japanese government attempts to reassure a devastated citizenry forced to watch their homes swallowed by tsunamis, their elderly die in gymnasiums.
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The Joker

“Seldom,” says his biography, “do we have a Filipino leader who has so much ardor and commitment both as a human rights lawyer and freedom fighter.”

They called him a dragon. They said he was fearless. They said he was “a man beholden to no one except his country.” He is said to have handled more human rights cases than any other lawyer in the years between the declaration of martial law and the revolution in Edsa. He opposed the ratification of the Marcos-dictated 1973 Constitution. He condemned the power of military tribunals to try civilians. He stood for journalists, activists and statesmen, defending Ninoy Aquino and Jovito Salonga, Eugenio Lopez Jr. and Jose Ma. Sison. He was incarcerated in stockades, gassed at rallies, injured, hospitalized and threatened with death. In 2001 he became the hero of a new generation, when he thundered that we cannot have a nation run by a thief.
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