In the court of the crimson king

When the doors open, the chatter stops, and the people rise as a body. There is silence as he strides up to the dais, grave-faced and sober-eyed. In this temple he is high priest, his is the way, the truth, and the light. He does not understand, however, that they do not rise only because he is Reynato Puno, champion of human rights, hero of the press, the anointed son of Holy Mother Church. They stand because of the dark robe that falls in heavy folds to his feet, because of the gavel he carries, because of the soaring ceilings, because of the compulsion of decades of other men and women rising to the idea of a judge, the man of unimpeachable character who has risen above all men to preside as the Chief Justice.
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The warrant for Cheche Lazaro

Branch 47 of the Pasay City Metropolitan Trial Court is on the second floor of the Hall of Justice, a short walk from the Municipal Office. Outside its door is a torn paper sign, gone brittle with age, the branch number printed with graying ink. Inside, at half-past noon on a Friday, there is an air of expectation. The floors are white and spotless; untidy piles of paper are being marshaled into order, and a little girl in purple is having her hair brushed by a doting mama. Is she here, they ask, is she coming?
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Welcome to bedlam

Chief Justice Reynato Puno believes that there is a need for a “moral force” in the country. He believes himself to be a catalyst, and is calling on “moral leaders” who can be found in “all cross sections of society” to form “a broad coalition” and act as “watchdogs for morality.”

“They will be our moral stewards; they will always remind us that every moral decision has its cost so that we can translate all these standards of morality, or our principles, into definitive actions.” All that is necessary, he says, “is for this moral force to be more manifest, more visible, to be more active in playing its role as the moral ballast against misfeasance and malfeasance in both public and private sectors.”
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It rained Tuesday. It was the sort of day that had vendors standing underneath the pink-and-blue overpasses, selling thin P100-apiece umbrellas to soaking pedestrians. On that day, Court of Appeals Justice Vicente Roxas was found “dishonest and untruthful” and was removed from his post because of his “undue interest” in the Meralco case against the Government Service Insurance System. On that day, Sept. 9, two congressmen were convicted of corruption, 21 were killed in a landslide in Compostela Valley, four Caloocan houses were ravaged by flood, and the website Star-mo-meter chose Angel Locsin as the most beautiful Filipina over her dimpled, hip-slinging rival in GMA7.
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