The Corona

In the room where the chief of the truth is to be tried, the chairs are blue, the air blasts cold, and grim-faced Senate employees stalk between gallery rows to tap the shoulders of the sleeping public interest. This is where the pompous pontificate and the howling is hysterical, and if the howlers wear robes instead of overused suits, it is an acceptable sideshow to the circus of the surreal. The respondent, one Renato Corona, is given the gift of prosecutors so oddly incompetent that judges scramble to take their places. The 45 pieces of property allegedly undeclared by Chief Justice Corona is reduced to maybe 20, to maybe five, to maybe it was someone else who said 45. Documents of bank accounts appear magically under garage doors, and along Senate hallways wearing cloaks of invisibility.

The President of the Republic claims there is nothing personal in his crusade against Corona. He is fighting for justice, and because he seeks enormous changes, it is only natural that his enemy is a juggernaut. A blindfolded woman carrying scales, he says, symbolizes justice. Our duty, says Benigno Aquino III, son of saints and heroes, is to return the blindfold to Lady Justice and once again balance the scales.
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Empty houses

I write this one Saturday in February, on a week when the crime stories have forced their way into the daily seven-o’clock newscasts in spite of the impeachment of the Chief Justice. This is Manila, where priests promise love and success and jobs overseas to the souls who touch the cross of the Black Nazarene.

The sun burns hot here, melts the skin off electric posts and strikes bright white against steel. A man runs over his girl, smashes into her standing body, then stabs her with a knife and runs over her again. A 16-year-old girl is raped and killed by teenage boys, and they smile for the cameras from behind bars. In the country’s premiere university, a graduating student is assaulted by robbers in the student council office, her skull fractured by a trophy slammed against her head.
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The truths every Filipino should know…

Today, I will write a manifesto. I’d like to correct the perception that my generation is apathetic to the state of the nation. Issues of policy, of poverty, of the national economy—all these are supposedly beyond the scope of our interest. It is not true, but such is our inexperience that we look toward the obvious superiority of our elders to determine how to go about our lives, to set our moral and ethical standards, to fix upon our minds the path of truth and virtue in a society in constant battle with sin.
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