Brotherhood of Bigots

In the Church of Nicodemo Ferrer, God is a bigot, and his apostles fly first class.

In a decision penned with commissioners Elias Yusoph, Armando Velasco and Lucenito Tagle, Commission on Elections Commissioner Ferrer proclaimed multimillionaire Juan Miguel “Mikey” Macapagal Arroyo, son of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the legitimate representative of the nation’s security guards and tricycle drivers. Ferrer, Yusoph and Tagle make up the same holy trinity that replaced the Constitution with the fire-and-brimstone rantings of a Pennsylvanian Baptist preacher from an online website when they justified banning gay representatives from government.
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In his first few days on the job, he has laughed with Anthony Taberna over radio dzMM, toured TV Patrol through his office, pointed out the graduation picture he autographed for his mother, smiled under keno lights in an ABS-CBN studio, sat for an interview on GMA7’s Reporter’s Notebook and across a red-suited Karen Davila and talked about missing the wife who once had no time to take care of him.
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The rise and fall of the Yellow King

It is one day before the National Elections, and I do not have a candidate. Tomorrow, I will find the candidate whose name I can put on my ballot. Today I will write something else.

Understand that I accept the idea of both a lesser evil and an imperfect president. To work in the news, even in the less regimented area of opinion, has made it impossible to take much of anything on faith. In the narrative I know, the murderer of 50 will find his way back to the mansion with pink walls, the moral hypocrite will again rise to the top of the senatorial surveys, and the red queen will carry her throne to the northern court past the armies against her.
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People call me Dick

There are many and varied reasons why Richard Gordon is not number one in the presidential race. It is because the public is made up of fools who idolize candidates by virtue of a free T-shirt. It is because of survey companies that are “stealing the people’s minds” by publishing false ratings to a conditioned public. It is because the media are biased. It is because the public mind is unable to understand he is better than those Aquinos, or that Villlar. It’s because of the oligarchies and monopolies and the sad state of Philippine democracy.

That Gordon is not leading the charge to the Palace cannot possibly be because of Gordon himself. In the wonderful world of the man called Dick, the flowers bloom red, the sky is papered with his posters, and crowds of ballot-clutching jingle-singing voters reach out to touch his hand.
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After the glory

She sits on a striped green couch in a white suit and gold-and-white heels, bare legs demurely pressed together, hand to chin, all wide-eyed wonder as she poses questions to the plump columnist in the big armchair. “Is that Camus? It’s a French saying? You know, I used to read Camus a lot. Would you know how that line translates into French?”

The mirrored walls reflect a gold salver from the King of Malaysia, and a marble elephant from the Prime Minister of India. She talks of communists with a smile, preaches about prayer, and talks of reforestation and disaster reduction and opening the Press Office on Saturdays. “I didn’t know Sunday had the biggest readership.”
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March to mayhem

It is November in Manila, days before the deadline for filing candidacies. On Monday, Senate President Pro Tempore Jinggoy Estrada with 11 other senators signed Resolution 1472 absolving Sen. Manuel Villar Jr. of ethical charges in connection with the C-5 Road extension project, long before a committee report was officially released by the Senate.
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So sayeth the Comelec

Nicodemo T. Ferrer is a pillar of the community. Man of faith, Knight of Columbus, former dean of the Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation, Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister for Our Lady of the Purification Parish, a man whose 2006 appointment into the Commission on Elections came with his pledge to “restore and improve” the public image of the Commission on Elections—the same man of God whose bigoted morality has brought Manila back to the medieval.
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