Twenty Five

I was born 25 years ago, five months before Fidel Ramos’ much-repeated victory leap, three months before Ninoy Aquino’s wife became Cory Aquino, a full month before Ferdinand Marcos announced he would hold presidential snap elections. I am, by all intents and purposes, what the national media have been calling an Edsa baby, one of the millions born at the cusp of God’s revolution, the target audience of congressional privilege speeches and television documentaries preaching patriotism and nationhood.
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Forgetting Edsa

The story of my country begins with a mad king.

There are some who say the king was once a just man, and a wise one, whose heart turned dark at the taste of power. Others say he had always been mad, and hid his madness behind a cunning charm.

The king had a queen, the most beautiful in the world, and again there are those who whisper that it was she whose madness turned the king’s. So they ruled, the black king and his butterfly queen and their army of bloodthirsty knights, from a golden castle built on a lake whose waters turned a darker red with each cruel year.
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