Deliver us from evil

Next to the unhappy wives of the Republic of Malta, population 410,000, only one other country can claim to be affected by the results of last month’s non-binding referendum on divorce. Malta’s contentious approval of the legalization of divorce leaves Catholic Philippines the only nation in the world without the right to freely divorce – with the exception of the Vatican.

Malta may be cause for celebration for the progressives, whose champions lost no time pushing House Bill 1799 to the House committee on revisions, but it is also a reason to give thanks to the Lord God, at least according to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines.
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A reading from the book of Leviticus

So says Garcia
As taken from the May 24 transcript of the interpellation of Deputy House Speaker and Cebu Representative Pablo Garcia during the plenary debates on the Reproductive Health bill.

Every one of us is a servant of God. Whatever we do is in the service of God. Every minute, every minute of our life. God is everywhere. God is not situationary.
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The Catholic Republic

Last week, Fr. Melvin Castro, executive secretary of the Episcopal Commission on Family Life of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, denied reports that a Catholic parish has banned supporters of the reproductive health (RH) bill from receiving Holy Communion. He blamed supporters of the RH bill for agitating the public, claiming that it is proof that there is an element of deception behind the bill.
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Sen. Loren Legarda—estranged wife of convicted murderer and ex-Batangas governor Jose Antonio Leviste, the lovely sad-eyed woman whose crisp white shirts, beauty queen wave and “christian duty” accompanied the kidnapped Ces Drilon and her crew to various press conferences—has made a startling new discovery.

“I now realize,” she says, after pulling out her support for the Right of Reply Bill, “that an untrammeled press is better than a press dictated by authority.”

She realizes this now, long after years of reporting from the streets, long after nights of anchoring the daily news, long after soulfully looking into cameras at the end of her half-dozen or so various current affairs shows. Toss up the confetti, break out the champagne, stop the presses, Loren Legarda has finally realized that it is good to have a free press. Not only good, but better than a press reporting with a presidential elbow to its metaphorical throat, better than wiretaps and dead journalists and copy-pasted press releases.
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