The Law of Sara Duterte

It could have been Asiong Salonga swaggering into the slums; hair gelled and fists ready, providing the opening sequence for the presidency of a man named Joseph Estrada. It could have been Bong Revilla, Alyas Pogi, belly sucked in, bandanna wrapped around his head, half-naked women clinging to his pudgy arms. It could have been any one of them—Fernando Poe Jr., Robin Padilla, Lito Lapid riding in as Leon Guerrero. Roll the music, signal the extras, let the heroine scream, let the villain laugh. Enter the hero.
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The Red commander

The Abduction

The story begins in July of 2006, in a remote hamlet in the town of Hagonoy, Bulacan.

“Four armed men passed us holding Karen Empeño and Sherlyn Cadapan. Ate Sherlyn was screaming and begging for help while they were being brought out of the alley.”
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Codename Hero

The story is told that he could walk without leaving a single footprint.

The military men called him a renegade. His people called him a hero. After Mexican troops massacred his family, he eluded capture for decades, resisting colonization, demanding his people’s freedom, disappearing into his beloved Sierra Madres even as 5,000 American soldiers thundered in pursuit. His small band of warriors stood as the last line of Apache resistance against white America. His name was legend long before he surrendered in 1886. They called him Geronimo.
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We believe in free speech and in liberty, for as long as the speech coincides with government precepts, and the liberty is determined by government’s will. When a man dares speak against his government, to fuel the rebel cry for independent judiciaries and new constitutions, that man should be called a criminal. He belongs in jails and in labor camps, deserving of no less than separation from wife and family, isolation from those who support his arrogance.
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AS THIS column goes to press, word is out that President Aquino himself called for the release of the health workers known to the country as the Morong 43. This announcement is both positive news for both families and government, coming two weeks after Communications Secretary Sonny Coloma dismissed the issue, saying the problem was inherited from the Arroyo administration and its resolution, or lack of it, should not be a judgment on the Aquino administration.
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The spokesman of humanity

Herminiano “Sonny” Coloma, head of the Presidential Communications Operations Group, is very pleased by the leaps the country has come in its respect for human rights.

“It may interest you to know,” he tells journalists in a Nov. 18 press conference on the Maguindanao massacre, “that on a visit to Fort Magsaysay in September, one of the places President Aquino visited was the Aquino-Diokno Shrine.”
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When the military stormed into the property of Dr. Melecia Velmonte at six in the morning of Feb. 6, 2010, it had a force of 300 strong. Conservative reports put it a hundred. There were four six-by-six trucks, a military tank, and two police mobiles. The men in uniform ordered the gates opened at gunpoint. They did not identify themselves. They did not announce their purpose.

Three hundred men, says Velmonte, a professor emeritus at the University of the Philippines School of Medicine. Three hundred heavily armed men, with one warrant for the arrest of an alleged NPA rebel named Mario Condes.
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