It is May in Manila, when small girls run naked in the Ermita alleys, and a man named Tisoy was found dead from the heat at the corner of Doroteo Jose and Don Tomas Mapua streets in Sta. Cruz. There is no rain, or promise of rain, only sweat staining the gray cushions of hundreds of office chairs. It is a month of sudden haircuts and whiplash breakups, of clapboard houses bursting into flames, of farmers selling off heifers at half-price, of sudden declarations of eternal love and frustrated husbands strangling weeping wives over the direction of a dirty electric fan.
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This is a condom ad

Welcome to 2010, where kids in the call centers screw themselves dead, women waddle to market towing Baby Number 8 with Baby Number 9 on the way, and teenage girls skewer out fetuses from their vaginas with bent plastic hangers. The Church said abstain or bear the consequences. That the consequences eventually starve on the streets of Manila singing Villar songs isn’t the state’s problem. Consequences don’t stand on pulpits to condemn candidates to damnation in a voting year, but the sons of the Church certainly can.
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When the military stormed into the property of Dr. Melecia Velmonte at six in the morning of Feb. 6, 2010, it had a force of 300 strong. Conservative reports put it a hundred. There were four six-by-six trucks, a military tank, and two police mobiles. The men in uniform ordered the gates opened at gunpoint. They did not identify themselves. They did not announce their purpose.

Three hundred men, says Velmonte, a professor emeritus at the University of the Philippines School of Medicine. Three hundred heavily armed men, with one warrant for the arrest of an alleged NPA rebel named Mario Condes.
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