Defenders of the faith

Today it is the opinion writers being blamed by the Aquino administration.

On Thursday, the gentlemen of the Presidential Communications Group put the slow collapse of the yellow juggernaut squarely on the shoulders of the nation’s opinion writers.

“We don’t have any problem with the Malacañang Press Corps,” says spokesman Edwin Lacierda. “There’s no problem with the news itself but perhaps with the columnists who are always criticizing him.”
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The death toll is at 7,197; the missing has risen past 10,000. Almost half-a-million Japanese are homeless, millions without power and water. The earth’s axis has shifted by 6.5 inches. The day is less 1.6 microseconds. The country’s nuclear and industrial safety agency raised nuclear severity from Level 4 to 5, increasing the likelihood of deaths from radiation and a release of radioactive material. A nuclear facility’s managing director has publicly broken down in tears. The Japanese government attempts to reassure a devastated citizenry forced to watch their homes swallowed by tsunamis, their elderly die in gymnasiums.
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Method To Madness 2011

The reporter was bored. Her heels were high, her mouth was wide and the cheap green medical mask slung over her neck hung lopsided as she lit her ninth Marlboro in an hour. The reporter had never been a chain smoker, but on the eve of the New Year a little more than 20 centuries after a Jewish storyteller sucked his last gulp of sour wine out of a sponge, the reporter decided that sucking smoke out of a stick while tapping her foot outside an empty emergency room was a slightly better deal than just tapping her foot outside an empty emergency room. Her cameraman agreed.
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AS THIS column goes to press, word is out that President Aquino himself called for the release of the health workers known to the country as the Morong 43. This announcement is both positive news for both families and government, coming two weeks after Communications Secretary Sonny Coloma dismissed the issue, saying the problem was inherited from the Arroyo administration and its resolution, or lack of it, should not be a judgment on the Aquino administration.
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The spokesman of humanity

Herminiano “Sonny” Coloma, head of the Presidential Communications Operations Group, is very pleased by the leaps the country has come in its respect for human rights.

“It may interest you to know,” he tells journalists in a Nov. 18 press conference on the Maguindanao massacre, “that on a visit to Fort Magsaysay in September, one of the places President Aquino visited was the Aquino-Diokno Shrine.”
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The drowning season

They found her the next morning. The sun shone bright. The clouds were gone. The little girl floated high above the heads of the men who found her, a Christmas angel on a September tree, legs tangled in bamboo branches and bright streamers of trash, red shirt muddied, arms spread open, the dead eyes closed on the small pretty face.
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The hostaged president

At midnight on Aug. 23, 2010, three hours after a 12-hour hostage crisis ended with the brutal deaths of eight foreign nationals, President Benigno Aquino III finally appeared before national television.

He condoled with the families of the dead, and the people of Hong Kong. Although he admitted the police needed to improve their skills, he justified the long drawn-out crisis by saying the hostage-taker did not seem to be belligerent. He said that the Quirino Grandstand was a difficult place for even the police to cover.
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