So sayeth the Comelec

Nicodemo T. Ferrer is a pillar of the community. Man of faith, Knight of Columbus, former dean of the Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation, Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister for Our Lady of the Purification Parish, a man whose 2006 appointment into the Commission on Elections came with his pledge to “restore and improve” the public image of the Commission on Elections—the same man of God whose bigoted morality has brought Manila back to the medieval.
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“The public seems to like our little c— stimulators. They are all very discreet, and beautifully packed, and they can carry it anywhere they want without being fearful of anyone catching them with such a possession.”

A Japanese schoolgirl costume hangs on the wall. Panties dangle from hooks around the big square table, a silky carnival of apple green and polka dots, ruffled garters and ribbons and slinky black net. There are purple furry handcuffs, and boxes of ribbed Trojans, plastic penis rings and Sta-Hard Cream, latex love dolls, raspberry-flavored stimulating gels, packages of yellow vibrating bath sponges and a 4-way self-stimulator called the “Heart-shaped G-spot.
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