The drowning season

They found her the next morning. The sun shone bright. The clouds were gone. The little girl floated high above the heads of the men who found her, a Christmas angel on a September tree, legs tangled in bamboo branches and bright streamers of trash, red shirt muddied, arms spread open, the dead eyes closed on the small pretty face.
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Many waters

In my head, I call it the storm. I see the letters from, whenever someone says it, whenever I do. I don’t give it a name, naming gives a thing power, and the Storm has too much.

I’ll tell you where I was when it happened, because everyone does – I was in the office, I was in school, I was in the john when I heard – saying it, again and again, because saying it means you’re alive. I was in my apartment, and there was water swallowing cars in murky brown muck. I’ll say I was a writer first, and because I was I was out the door with a camera before I understood that flood meant I was being flooded, and the water rising in the hallways was water rising in my hallways. The water whipped sideways. Everything outside was a blur, like photos shot through foggy lenses. The maintenance man was banging at doors – get ready, get ready, it could still get worse.
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