Danilo Suarez’s courage

House Minority leader Danilo Suarez recently announced his withdrawal of support for the Reproductive Health bill, along with several members of the chamber’s minority. Suarez said the six other members who joined his turnabout had previously supported House Bill 4244 only because of loyalty to the then minority leader, Edcel Lagman, its author and chief advocate. Suarez and Lagman had been engaged in a fight for the minority leadership, one that ended with Lagman’s resignation last January.
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A reading from the book of Leviticus

So says Garcia
As taken from the May 24 transcript of the interpellation of Deputy House Speaker and Cebu Representative Pablo Garcia during the plenary debates on the Reproductive Health bill.

Every one of us is a servant of God. Whatever we do is in the service of God. Every minute, every minute of our life. God is everywhere. God is not situationary.
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All along the watchtower

The congressman thought the flight attendant was berating him. If he had known her voice was naturally high-pitched, he said, he wouldn’t have called her a menopausal bitch. That his remarks are still offensive to the entirety of a gender, irrelevant of any alleged bitching, escaped the attention of the good congressman.
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THIS IS the story as told by one Fatima Aliah Dimaporo, the London-educated granddaughter of the warlord of Lanao, third generation in a dynasty whose most recent pitch for power included mother and daughter running for Congress, the son for governor. Dimaporo says she had approached Secretary Teresita Quintos-Deles, head of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, while at a break from budget deliberations to clarify points on the peace process. Dimaporo said Deles’ responses demeaned her, insulted her, and implied she did not know enough of Mindanao and the complex workings of the peace process and should read more books. According to Dimaporo, Deles also committed the unforgivable sin of “even raising her voice.”
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Brotherhood of Bigots

In the Church of Nicodemo Ferrer, God is a bigot, and his apostles fly first class.

In a decision penned with commissioners Elias Yusoph, Armando Velasco and Lucenito Tagle, Commission on Elections Commissioner Ferrer proclaimed multimillionaire Juan Miguel “Mikey” Macapagal Arroyo, son of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the legitimate representative of the nation’s security guards and tricycle drivers. Ferrer, Yusoph and Tagle make up the same holy trinity that replaced the Constitution with the fire-and-brimstone rantings of a Pennsylvanian Baptist preacher from an online website when they justified banning gay representatives from government.
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