Contraceptive morality

Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo is afraid. President Benigno Aquino III has met with the American head of state, a dangerous situation given that the United States is a known advocate of the Reproductive Health bill. There is a big push to pass the law from the outside by pharmaceuticals, he says, especially from America. He calls for vigilance from the Catholic faithful. He asks for vigilance from “pro-life” advocates. He warns against the actions of those who would rally against life.
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A government of righteous men

The preacher speaks.

His hands jerk. Fingers spread and point. His voice booms. He answers everything but the question, but he does it with panache. When he repeats himself, he repeats himself verbatim, entire paragraphs rolling out with teleprompter conviction.

His name is Eduardo Cruz Villanueva, 63, spiritual director and president of Jesus Is Lord (JIL) Church and chairman of the nationwide Philippines for Jesus Movement (PJM) and of the Zoe Broadcasting Network.
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