I’m a Filipino writer and amateur photographer. I have a penchant for plagiarizing the lives of family and friends, tend to find house keys and cell phones in the refrigerator, and have mastered the fine art of reading—mostly romances—while in the shower, riding the MRT, or walking down a mall.

In 2004 I represented the Philippines at the 2004 International Public Speaking Contest held in London, and was proud to bring home the championship for the country.

Right now I serve as the national youth spokesperson for Operation Smile, co-host Studio 23′s Yspeak, and am an opinion columnist for the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Although I write about a range of topics, my focus is putting an end to the military’s impunity, and the sudden shocking range of human rights atrocities that is quickly becoming an acceptable norm.

Know more about me here and here.

Why I Write?

I write because there are voices inside my head that knock at my temple and scratch at my ears, and typing pounds those words into a keyboard and out of my head.

I write even if it means no more than 11 eggs in my refrigerator, two cans of tuna in my cupboard, and a fifty-peso thrift store wooden bust of a Hawaiian princess that sits staring from over my underwear drawer.

I write because I am 23 in a country going mad, and if I do not write I cannot pretend I am not part of the madness.

I write to know what I’m thinking, or not thinking, or pretend not to be thinking, and to make some sense out of the inanities and cruelties on the street where tricycles rocket back and forth.

I write because arranging constellations of words on blank pages gives me an odd sort of thrill – the same thrill I get when I use a word like “constellation” – and because I do not know where to find mountain lions.

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