The good mayor

My name is Jesse Robredo. I was born in Naga and grew up in the city. I was working in Manila, in San Miguel Corp. I had my master’s in business administration at the University of the Philippines already. The career path that I was looking at was succeeding in a private company, then making a niche as a senior executive later on. What compelled me to join Edsa 1 was the assassination of Ninoy. I told myself, if this can be done in the Philippines to a prominent person, then something is wrong with this country. Maybe it’s high time that I became part of the group that will advocate change in the country. After Marcos’ death, I was invited to work in the government, so I did.
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August 7

I came from the city of Bacolod. I looked at the situation and I knew no matter what I dreamed of becoming, it didn’t matter. My parents were poor, and even if I wanted to study we couldn’t afford it.

My dream was to become a driver, because I thought it would be a better life than what I could get as a laborer on minimum wage. I thought it would be the only dream I could attain.

My first job was as a houseboy until my boss decided to put me through driving school. I learned how to drive, and I studied hard. I was a driver at a garments factory when I met my wife. She was a supervisor. That was when we fell in love. Even if you say she wasn’t beautiful, for me, she was beautiful, and she was kind. She took care of people. That was all.
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Danilo Suarez’s courage

House Minority leader Danilo Suarez recently announced his withdrawal of support for the Reproductive Health bill, along with several members of the chamber’s minority. Suarez said the six other members who joined his turnabout had previously supported House Bill 4244 only because of loyalty to the then minority leader, Edcel Lagman, its author and chief advocate. Suarez and Lagman had been engaged in a fight for the minority leadership, one that ended with Lagman’s resignation last January.
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