The death toll is at 7,197; the missing has risen past 10,000. Almost half-a-million Japanese are homeless, millions without power and water. The earth’s axis has shifted by 6.5 inches. The day is less 1.6 microseconds. The country’s nuclear and industrial safety agency raised nuclear severity from Level 4 to 5, increasing the likelihood of deaths from radiation and a release of radioactive material. A nuclear facility’s managing director has publicly broken down in tears. The Japanese government attempts to reassure a devastated citizenry forced to watch their homes swallowed by tsunamis, their elderly die in gymnasiums.
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Twenty Five

I was born 25 years ago, five months before Fidel Ramos’ much-repeated victory leap, three months before Ninoy Aquino’s wife became Cory Aquino, a full month before Ferdinand Marcos announced he would hold presidential snap elections. I am, by all intents and purposes, what the national media have been calling an Edsa baby, one of the millions born at the cusp of God’s revolution, the target audience of congressional privilege speeches and television documentaries preaching patriotism and nationhood.
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