All along the watchtower

The congressman thought the flight attendant was berating him. If he had known her voice was naturally high-pitched, he said, he wouldn’t have called her a menopausal bitch. That his remarks are still offensive to the entirety of a gender, irrelevant of any alleged bitching, escaped the attention of the good congressman.
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Method To Madness 2011

The reporter was bored. Her heels were high, her mouth was wide and the cheap green medical mask slung over her neck hung lopsided as she lit her ninth Marlboro in an hour. The reporter had never been a chain smoker, but on the eve of the New Year a little more than 20 centuries after a Jewish storyteller sucked his last gulp of sour wine out of a sponge, the reporter decided that sucking smoke out of a stick while tapping her foot outside an empty emergency room was a slightly better deal than just tapping her foot outside an empty emergency room. Her cameraman agreed.
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