We believe in free speech and in liberty, for as long as the speech coincides with government precepts, and the liberty is determined by government’s will. When a man dares speak against his government, to fuel the rebel cry for independent judiciaries and new constitutions, that man should be called a criminal. He belongs in jails and in labor camps, deserving of no less than separation from wife and family, isolation from those who support his arrogance.
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AS THIS column goes to press, word is out that President Aquino himself called for the release of the health workers known to the country as the Morong 43. This announcement is both positive news for both families and government, coming two weeks after Communications Secretary Sonny Coloma dismissed the issue, saying the problem was inherited from the Arroyo administration and its resolution, or lack of it, should not be a judgment on the Aquino administration.
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In the friendliest country in the world, where tarsiers grin under coconut suns, and waves sparkle blue against the whitest of white sands, the luckiest man west of the Pacific discovered his luck the same day the Department of Health discovered 136 bags of HIV positive blood.
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