THIS IS the story as told by one Fatima Aliah Dimaporo, the London-educated granddaughter of the warlord of Lanao, third generation in a dynasty whose most recent pitch for power included mother and daughter running for Congress, the son for governor. Dimaporo says she had approached Secretary Teresita Quintos-Deles, head of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, while at a break from budget deliberations to clarify points on the peace process. Dimaporo said Deles’ responses demeaned her, insulted her, and implied she did not know enough of Mindanao and the complex workings of the peace process and should read more books. According to Dimaporo, Deles also committed the unforgivable sin of “even raising her voice.”
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The Montalvan morality

On Oct. 11, 2010, Antonio J. Montalvan II, whose column appears in this paper, denounced performer Carlos Celdran’s recent and controversial theatrics at the Manila Cathedral. Celdran interrupted a Holy Mass to throw down his gauntlet before the friars, an act that should rightly offend anyone of any religion, whoever the deity, whatever the prayer.
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Church of Magdalena

They found her in bed, one Thursday in December. The security cameras had her walking into the lobby at nine. Red dress, red nails, glossy red lips. Heels that shot silver against the marble floor.

The bellboy found her two hours later sprawled on lavender silk sheets, soaked in her trademark red. Her name was Magdalena.
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When the devil eats doughnuts

It is morally evil, says the archbishop. It enslaves. It deprives. It rarely pays back.

In 1883, the sweepstakes were called loterias. The Spanish government conducted it. The exiled Jose Rizal made money out of it, taking home more than six grand in the Dapitan draw of 1892 right under the noses of Spanish friars.

“Gambling is a game of chance,” says retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz in his book “Gambling in the Republic.” “It is a game of money for money, irrespective of the amount. The commodity considered is money. The payment given is money. The good received is money.”
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