Brotherhood of Bigots

In the Church of Nicodemo Ferrer, God is a bigot, and his apostles fly first class.

In a decision penned with commissioners Elias Yusoph, Armando Velasco and Lucenito Tagle, Commission on Elections Commissioner Ferrer proclaimed multimillionaire Juan Miguel “Mikey” Macapagal Arroyo, son of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the legitimate representative of the nation’s security guards and tricycle drivers. Ferrer, Yusoph and Tagle make up the same holy trinity that replaced the Constitution with the fire-and-brimstone rantings of a Pennsylvanian Baptist preacher from an online website when they justified banning gay representatives from government.
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In protest

THIS COLUMN will be happy. It will revolt against itself. The words will slick on red lipstick; the verbs will step into high heels. Sentences will saunter barelegged in a blackout, will swing up to the painted green top of a damp table to dance in the blinking light of mobile phones just before the batteries die. Punctuations will boogie to graffiti and bop to vodka, will dance until the heels slip on spilled ice and a sky the color of Juan Ponce Enrile’s hair opens in needle-lashing rage.
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At the still point of the turning world

The first time I saw Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, I thought she was pretty. I was 13, and there was a poster across the street from where I stood waiting for the school bus. She wore a deep blue suit, her hair was in a braid, and she was holding a red rose. It was 1998, and she was campaigning for the vice presidency. I won’t swear by the image, the suit might have been red and the rose might have been white and her hair might have been short, but I remember thinking she was pretty, and hoping she would win because she seemed like a nice lady.
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