The savage state of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

His name is Rei-Mon Guran; he was a left-wing student leader at Aquinas University. His friends called him Ambo. On his 21st birthday, his parents took him to a bus terminal where they watched him load his bags for school. He was still in the back of the bus when they found him, with four bullets from a .45 cal. pistol lodged in his head.

His name is Raymond Manalo, and he was a farmer. The armed men took him on Valentine’s Day. He was also 21. They said he was a communist. They beat him with chains and planks; poured his own piss down his nose, stuffed him into a four-by-one foot cell with three other men. When he escaped, he talked about the man in the next cell, who lost his mind and hanged himself with the garter from his underwear.
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For the love of Noynoy Aquino

It is Independence Day in the land of the yellow morning, where the moon is a greasy pearl, freedom is a Twitter hashtag and the brave bawl in their cradles (unless the cradles were pawned for the rose-red heart of a bottle of cheap gin). Philippine Airlines offers a “Proud and Free” Promo for the patriotic Filipino—$135 for Hong Kong, $690 for Honolulu, $790 Las Vegas (not including government taxes and ticketing service fees). In New York’s 20,000-strong Filipino community celebration, Christian Bautista sings “Beautiful Girl” and “Can We Just Stop and Talk Awhile,” Carlo Orosa soars with the “Impossible Dream,” Sarah Geronimo is “well-applauded” for “You Changed My Life,” and fortunately remembers to sing “Magkaisa.”
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The Republic of Love

He would have called her his Lolita if he was in school long enough to know who Lolita was, but he was not, and it was doubtful he would ever know, sitting on a narrow blanket inside the four-by-four-foot room in a warren crowded with many four-by-four-foot rooms of plywood and tin and karaoke shrieks, where he lived with his father and brothers and sisters and the small girl he called his wife. Roxanne was her name, Roxanne of the bare brown legs, the round hips in tight denim shorts, and the small lips that pursed when she said her name.
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