When the military stormed into the property of Dr. Melecia Velmonte at six in the morning of Feb. 6, 2010, it had a force of 300 strong. Conservative reports put it a hundred. There were four six-by-six trucks, a military tank, and two police mobiles. The men in uniform ordered the gates opened at gunpoint. They did not identify themselves. They did not announce their purpose.

Three hundred men, says Velmonte, a professor emeritus at the University of the Philippines School of Medicine. Three hundred heavily armed men, with one warrant for the arrest of an alleged NPA rebel named Mario Condes.
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The Guns of Gilbert Teodoro

Gilberto Cojuangco Teodoro Jr., Gibo in his campaign posters, is a pleasant man with a pleasant face. There is nothing of the wild-eyed messiah in him, none of Richard Gordon’s rambling self-praise or Joseph Estrada’s swaggering charm. In presidential forums, he waits quietly backstage, content to listen and smile and nod. He is exactly how he appears, a bright young lawyer born into the confident security of generations of landed gentry in Tarlac.
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