THE road was not dark at 7:30 p.m. on February 17. The streetlamps lit Edsa a fluorescent white. Taillights burned red and yellow. Just ahead, McDonald’s arches glowed neon against a backdrop of northern traffic. It was Tuesday night in Quezon City, and it sounded the same as any other Tuesday night in Quezon City: the whine of police whistles, the rough idling of car motors, the random impatient shout. And then the gunshots. Like the report of a car tire. Or a hammer pounded to wood. Or a bullet exploding out of a .45 caliber pistol. Once, twice, thrice, yellow fire bursting from the mouth of a pistol.
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Sen. Loren Legarda—estranged wife of convicted murderer and ex-Batangas governor Jose Antonio Leviste, the lovely sad-eyed woman whose crisp white shirts, beauty queen wave and “christian duty” accompanied the kidnapped Ces Drilon and her crew to various press conferences—has made a startling new discovery.

“I now realize,” she says, after pulling out her support for the Right of Reply Bill, “that an untrammeled press is better than a press dictated by authority.”

She realizes this now, long after years of reporting from the streets, long after nights of anchoring the daily news, long after soulfully looking into cameras at the end of her half-dozen or so various current affairs shows. Toss up the confetti, break out the champagne, stop the presses, Loren Legarda has finally realized that it is good to have a free press. Not only good, but better than a press reporting with a presidential elbow to its metaphorical throat, better than wiretaps and dead journalists and copy-pasted press releases.
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