Here be Dragons

IT begins, of course, with a once upon a time.

Once upon a time, there was a King, and his fair Queen. They say that the King was once wise and just, but power corrupted him, and the world bowed to him. His Queen, once as poor as a peasant girl, was blinded by the gold and adoration and the glitter of diamonds on her neck. And so for many years, the land wept, those islands many called the pearl of the orient. Many heard the call to battle, the eager young men with fire in their eyes, the grim old soldiers who rose from their rest. Many were lost in the grim battle against the ruthless King.
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The poor mayor of Sto. Domingo

The fourth-class municipality of Sto. Domingo, once known as Lib-og, has a population of 30,711 people in 5,390 households. The town claims the honor of being home to the composer of the “Sarung Banggi,” the best-known song in the Bikol language. There are 3,851 hectares of agricultural land and 17 resorts (including J & D Beach Haus and the Costa Palmera). This “progressive town,” as its official website calls it, is also the home of Mayor Celso G. de los Angeles.

“Honorable Celso de los Angeles is not a traditional politician,” his profile in the Sto. Domingo website says proudly. There is “a special reason” why Mayor De los Angeles ran for the leadership in the municipality of Sto. Domingo.
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The knighting of Jovito Palparan

Retired Maj. Gen. Jovito Palparan, former commanding general of the Philippine Army’s 7th and 8th Infantry Divisions, erstwhile army chief of staff, holder of Distinguished Service Stars and a Gold Cross Medal, known in various circles as alternately “The Butcher” and “Berdugo,” is a great believer of civilian involvement in executive issues. “I encourage people victimized by communist rebels to get even.”
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