In the line of duty

This is what happened one night in October.

Thirty-year-old Central Bank employee Ivy Maria Cinco was walking down the parking lot of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. along Roxas Boulevard at the corner of Dr. Quintos Street. It was 2:30 in the morning when a man on a motorcycle swung past Cinco and her 51-year-old companion Bruce Miller. Cinco said the man attempted to grab her bag. The bag contained over P30,000 in cash and valuables. Miller and Cinco wrestled for the bag. There was shouting, and grappling, and the pounding footsteps of Pagcor’s security guards. The man on the motorcycle was arrested; his 9mm service pistol was confiscated. His name is Abraham Mamicao, police officer 2 from Lardizabal Street in Sampaloc, currently assigned to the Manila Police District Station 9.
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THE day the front page carried the story of Claudio Teehankee Jr.’s release was the day I heard about Maureen Hultman, heard about her from an incredulous friend who was astounded by the fact I did not know the story. I was 6 years old when Maureen Hultman was shot along Mahogany St. in Dasmariñas Village. I’ve been along that street once, I must have been 18, 19, and it was long past midnight and I was holding a boy’s hand. I imagine Hultman felt safe too that July night in 1991.
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The giant

As it happens, I am sitting on the floor of a Makati hotel room, flush against a row of red and green cardboard boxes, each box marked and labeled and stuffed with printed pages and faxed letters and folders-within-folders. I am told the governor never travels the seven hours from Isabela without bringing along the workings of the capitol. There are newspapers piled haphazardly on a suitcase, along with four tissue-wrapped, beribboned bouquets the size of small trees blooming with white and orange and red, red blossoms. Adonis, my gaffer, sets up the redhead lights by the big open window. Fresh tapes are handed to the two men handling the cameras. I sit on my square of floor, beside coils of cable, and watch the small, smiling woman in the black-and-white striped T-shirt make her ungainly way across the room, her crutches making small round marks on the carpet.
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